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In a bid to achieve our Mission, Neon Inc Limited offers a range of services:

Professional Insurance Advice:

We provide professional advice to companies and individuals on the most appropriate insurance policies to undertake and with what insurance company to mitigate business and personal risk. We make a formidable bridge to appropriate insurance companies and advise all through and administer all errands that may be involved.

Like any other processes at Neon our pro-active approach to business is not disregarded. At Neon, we seek to understand your business process first before we rush to advise. After a thorough analysis and after making your business risk profile, we competitively seek the best rates in the market from several insurance companies.

When quotations are collected, they are simplified and analyzed for you to take a decision. Likewise, the insurance policies are also analyzed for any inconsistencies and to ensure that all liability limits, policy extensions and exclusion are the same as agreed at placing of the policy.

Risk Management Services: We undertake risk analysis for individual and businesses and generate a risk map for your business process. This enables you to take key businesses decisions like insurance, financing and at times staffing decisions. These are critical areas you can never afford to ignore.


Securing and placement of appropriate Insurance policies:

After risk analysis and underwriting is done, appropriate and relevant policies are placed to secure our clients risk. These policies span life and nonlife sectors of the insurance industry. They include group personal accident insurance, workers compensation, health care plan, medical insurance, personal accident covers, travel insurance, pension and retirement plans and non life insurance; motor comprehensive, third party, Fire and burglary, Estate comprehensive cover, mortgage coverage, personal property, industrial all risk, machinery, marine haulage and aviation insurance among others.

We leverage your time which is utilized in other value adding activities to your business. In other words we allow you concentrate on your core business while we seamlessly provide value addition to all insurance aspects of the business.

Processing Customer Claims:

We are very pro-active in a way we handle our claims. We seek to underwrite your business risk professionally such that the actual risks are indentified, estimated and and adequately covered. When insurance cover is placed we ensure that all claim procedures are attached as annex to your policy. Our customers are therefore empowered and easier to offer service.

In case of any loss, we process your claims from your insurers. We undertake all the documentation necessary on your behalf until your claim is paid. We do not rest until your claim is settled.

Fund Administrators & Investment consultants:

Our team has professional ground in finance, investment and insurance and as such we manage Pension Funds and give custom investment advice to pension fund owners, association fund and individuals.

For companies operating private pension funds we can provide administration services; information updates, reconciliation, provision of statement and collaboration with other stakeholders to create harmony and transparency

Payment of insurance premiums and processing accounts:

Payment of insurance premiums and processing of insurance accounts involve a lot of movement are time consuming for your business. We are always ready to take on this challenge and leverage our client’s time for more relevant and core business activities. We create you more money by taking over this noncore yet very important function of your business.

Insurance Premium Finance (IPF)

We have in house IPF expertise and can arrange for our clients such financing so as to ease their cash flow strain thus allowing our clients to use their money in the most appropriate way by getting the most value out of their liquidity.